Douglas Fey Pottery

Selecting your Bird GarglerTM

After viewing the many and varied Bird GarglersTM in my "Galleries of Critters"

the hard part of choosing begins.

When making a selection you may choose one shown in a gallery and note it by its identification label, or you may select a specific type of Bird GarglerTM that has characteristics like some of the ones you have seen in the galleries and note the characteristics you like in your order. Or you my simply order a general type of Bird GarglerTM and let my imagination and creativity go wild.

Please keep in mind that the pieces shown in the galleries represent only a few of my past creations. I have tried to include pieces that show a range of possibilities.  

The items shown in the galleries are labeled as either glazed or unglazed. Any item can be made with either type of finish.

Glazed or Unglazed?

Which style is your choice?