Douglas Fey Pottery

Choose a location for the Gargler™ beneath the eaves of your home, garage, potting shed, or on a deck structure, garden arbor, even inside your home for display.


Installation is quick and easy, requiring only a wide headed nail (roofing nail) or a screw. Once a suitable location has been determined, anchor the nail or screw in the wall leaving just enough space between the anchor head and the wall to fit the thickness of the back surface of the Gargler.™  Select a perching twig (this is not required for the birds) and insert it into the holding tabs provided under the chin of the Gargler.™ Position the creature over the nail or screw at the point of the "cutout" on the back of the  Bird Gargler.™

Note: If you choose to install the Gargler.™ on a tree you must check the Gargler™ regularly. The tree grows out rather than up and will exert pressure between the bark and the Gargler™ as the tree grows. This pressure will cause the Gargler™ to break at the back. The insertion of a rubber washer as a cushion between the tree bark and the Gargler™  will help reduce the pressure for a short time. Even with a washer cushion the Gargler™ should be checked periodically.

A better solution is to first attach a board to the tree trunk and then mount the Bird GarglerTM on the board as suggested. Instructions are included with each Gargler.

The Bird Gargler™ is now ready for occupancy!

Installation notes