Douglas Fey Pottery

Bird Feeders

Now that you have some Bird GarglersTM around your home you might want to consider a bird feeder to keep the birds well fed and happy. I am offering a unique style of feeder that will keep the birds eating for several days,

if not weeks.

On each feeder the supporting creatures at the base can be just about any choice from my repertoire of characters......or some new ones of your choice.

The top of the feeder is, most often, glazed but the bottom characters can be glazed or unglazed.

The main body of the feeder rests on a platter which is supported by four creature heads.

Assembled  from two sections, the feeder is approximately 18" in diameter and 26" tall.

The feeder is made to fit over a 4" x 4" post.


Each feeder......... $585.00

                                              Packing...................$35.00  (shipped in two boxes)

    Shipping...........UPS charges

Due to the complexity of construction these feeders take longer than Bird GarglersTM for completion