Douglas Fey Pottery

What are Bird GarglersTM?

Derived from a combination of colonial American earthenware birdhouses called "bird bottles" and medieval gargoyles, Bird Garglers™ are my own hybrid creations.

The French verb "gargariser" means "to gargle."  It is believed to be the root word for "gargoyle," the term for the water spouts that adorn medieval cathedrals and castles.  As a gargoyle gargles water, my whimsical Bird Garglers™ appear to gargle birds.  With all of the activity of the birds nesting, mating, and caring for the hatchlings in the "throats of the beasts," it seems as if the creatures are, indeed, gargling birds.

Bird Garglers™ provide safe and unique all-season nesting habitats for birds around your home and garden. Birds easily adopt the Garglers™ for their nesting place anytime of year, particularly during the spring.  Once birds have nested, the Garglers™ will remain home to many generations of birds.

Each bird house is made with the birds in mind as much as the bird enthusiast with a sense of humor.


photo by Rick Bryan