Bird Garglers™ are whimsical dwellings made especially for the birds around your home. Attract birds to your garden and enjoy watching them nest in these delightful critters throughout the year. It is always a pleasure to see birds sitting in a "critter’s" mouth or perched on it's nose or tongue.

On the following pages you will find information about my offering of handmade terra cotta Bird Garglers,™ and related creations, how I make them, how they are installed, and examples of some of my past work, as well as instructions for making a purchase.

             Douglas Fey Pottery

    offering  Bird GarglerTM  bird houses & garden accessories

Hand made by one craftsman one at a time---------not two are the same.

All of my ceramic birdhouses are individually handmade; no molds are used in their creation.  By attending to each creature separately , I am free to explore variations and combinations of physical attributes and personality traits thereby imparting a unique character to each Bird Gargler.™

Made of quality red earthenware clay, each completed Gargler™ is allowed to air dry and then fired to 2000°F. After cooling, glaze and colors are applied; the Garglers™ are fired again to 2200°F. 

The completed Bird Garglers™ are quite durable and can remain installed outside throughout the year to provide all-season protection for the birds.

Each Gargler™ measures approximately 9"-12" from mouth to the back and about 8"-9" across.  Dimensions will vary according to the particular style of Gargler.™